Pediatric Eye Care

Children can suffer from a variety of eye problems. Early detection and treatment is cornerstone in the management of eye problems in children. At JNR eye clinic, emphasis is on a comprehensive examination of all children using the most modern child specific technology. 

The common diseases that present to us can fall in the following categories:

  • Refractive errors or children needing glasses or spectacles
  • Squint eyes or strabismus
  • Lazy eyes or amblyopia
  • Red eyes, eye allergies and infections
  • Shaky eyes or nystagmus
  • Childhood cataract and glaucoma
  • Children with white reflex in the eye or leucocoria
  • Small eyes as in ptosis or micro-ophthalmos
  • Babies for ROP screening
  • Children with watery eyes or eye discharge

State of the art equipment available at JNR Eye clinic includes, but is not limited to

  • PlusOptix photoscreener
  • Grand Seiko Auto Refractometer
  • Variant Digital Chart with Video capability
  • AuroChart with video Capability
  • I Care rebound Tonometer for checking intraocular pressure in children without eye drops or pain
  • IN Direct ophthalmoscope, Hiene Direct Ophthamoscope, Welch Allyn Retinoscope
  • Integrated Chair unit and 3 step Slit Lamp Bio-microscope
  • Medlite Prismatic loupes