Squint Correction in Adults and Children

Squint is misalignment of the two eyes. This causes considerable cosmetic disfigurement and inability of the person to use both eyes together and leads to loss of binocular single vision, depth perception and cause troublesome double vision. It may be congenital due to some defect in brain or may be the result of anomaly or dysfunction of nerves and muscles moving the eye.

We treat hundreds of cases of squint every year. The squints may be of different types. At our squint clinic we are able to measure the exact degree of squint and also measure binocular vision. Dr.  Siddharth Kesarwani has a success rate of over 98 percent in curing squint. The strategies employed to treat squint are as follows:

  • Optical treatment
  • Prism correction
  • Occlusion therapy
  • Vision therapy
  • Eye Exercises
  • Eye Muscle Surgery

These strategies are used singly or in combination and the treatment is tailor-made to the type of squint, the age of patient and treatment goals.