Christina Prabhakar

Yes last three years my family visiting Dr. Siddharth clinic, he is very kind nature, sophisticated gentleman I have never seen before. My son both eyes squint case handled excellently. Thanks Dr. Once again...

Arun More

Dr. Siddharth is a very humble person and he examines and explains each case very well... I had my 5year old son's squint operation done for both his eyes and results are excellent. He makes the kids and parents so comfortable that you are convinced that your child is in safe hands.
It's been 5 months post operation and no complains in vision or in the results.... I also had my nieces who is 3 years old taken and her case was different and now with her specs given she can see well... which weren't aware that she had vision issue.... I would truely recommend Dr. Siddharth for any eye issues .

Stella Fernandes

JNR CLINIC's Dr Kesarwani Sir changed my life as well as my family members life also. After Diplopia due to Thyroid, I was very upset. And my husband, my daughters also got disturbed due to sudden change in my vision.
But Dr Kesarwani Sir always used to give me assurance that as soon as your Thyroid is under control, we will do Squint correction operation and you can see one image. ( which I used to get double because of Diplopia). My Endocrinologist Dr Kapoor also was worried about success rate of the operation.
But after meeting Dr. Kesarwani Sir, observing his skill, knowledge and experience, myself and my family members were very sure about the success of my eyes surgery.
And Kesarwani Sir did it. On 10th November 2018 my both eyes were operated and surgery was successful.
Now I have normal vision. My family is very happy. I am very confident now.
Dr. Kesarwani Sir has given me confidence to live, to enjoy the beautiful life. Now I work as a Chief Cashier in Indian Bank, which was not possible for me before my eyes surgery. Many, many thanks to JNR Clinic and Dr. Kesarwani Sir- who not only treats eyes but also changes life of the people.

Hetal Shah

Dr Siddharth is amazing with kids. Both my 5 yr old and a very apprehensive 3 yr old where well taken care of. He is patient and thorough. Highly recommend him.


He was recommended to me by my coordinator at school. I needed a good eye specialist for my son. My son aged nine is usually terrified at the mention of the words 'doctor' and 'hospital' owing to a childhood experience. It is a task taking him even to a general practioner for a flu. So when I had to bring him the first time to Dr Siddharth last year, I had to coax him a lot. I had checked our the place on my way back home. I mentioned in my description about the clinic that it had books at the reception area for avid readers like you and somehow when he heard books he couldn't stop himself. The doctor's approach to his patients is also very warm and friendly which eases the burden forany fearful parent. Do visit this doctor. He is highly qualified and most importantly his approach towards kids and even when conveying the findings to the parent is very reassuring. You can be rest assured that you have placed your child in safe hands.

Arjun Gupta

Visited ForRoutine eye check-up
Happy withDoctor friendliness, Treatment satisfaction
He is a great doctor and treats patients with a lot of respect. My son has autism and I was very skeptical about how the check up would go ...but was pleasantly surprised to see him cooperate. The staff is good as well.

Asmi Parab

Happy withTreatment satisfaction
The experience was indeed good. Dr. Siddharth Kesarwani is very patient. Gave enough time to check my daughters eyes thoroughly to derive at a perfect power for her eyes.
The staff i also very welcoming..
Would surely recommend to all parents who want to seek advice on any concerns relating to their childrens vision.

Ansari Ehtesham

A very polished person, very sober and thorough gentleman.
Great squint specialist.
It was a tough decision for surgery.
But, first consulting convinced me 101% that He is the right doctor I've come across.
Had no second thought!!!
No second opinion!!!
Straight we planned for surgery,
I got my daughter operated in the month of Oct 2016, things were very smooth including consulting, follow up and finally surgery.
Alhamdulillah, all went fine and my daughter is squint free now...


Good Doctor. Carefully and calmly listens all details. Honest advice provided by doctor. I strongly recommend this doctor for kids eye related problems.


a very kind human being. He not only calmed me down but also boosted my confidence.
A genuine doctor and I strongly recommend every parent for any pediatric opthalmology consultation to visit him incase they require.
Thank You Dr.Kesarwani!